Figurinhas Senninha

Published At: 1-Feb-2019
Modified At: 10-Nov-2022
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Author: Vinícius Lourenço


A game with the theme of Senninha where you can play with the breath and see your stickers in a book, After unlocking some stickers, you are allowed to download sticker pack for WhatsApp.

In this project I was responsible for developing the mobile app in Angular 2 and Ionic 3, using Cordova to build the application for the store. All the code was written in TypeScript, using SCSS as the style language organizing in the methodology BEM.

An achievement of this project was the creation of an open source library to be able to share WhatsApp stickers using the Hybrid App, you can easily use it on iOS and needed to do some basic steps with Android to be able to share Stickers with the app.

See more about the library here.

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