Album Mamonas

Published At: 1-Apr-2020
Modified At: 18-Nov-2022
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Author: Vinícius Lourenço


Mamonas Assassinas was a Brazilian satirical rock band. Their musical style employed a humorous mixture between rock and a wide range of styles, often borrowing elements from other music, among which were the main riff of the Portuguese Vira ("Vira-Vira"). Inspired by your story, we created this app with a game and some albums to collect stickers by playing the game, after completing some parts of the album, you can unlock a pack of WhatsApp stickers.

In this project I was responsible for developing the mobile app in Angular 2 and Ionic 4, using Capacitor to build the application. All the code was written in TypeScript, using SCSS as the style language organizing in the methodology BEM.