Monday Reports

Published At: 9-Aug-2020
Modified At: 19-Nov-2022
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Author: Vinícius Lourenço


This was a project I started as a side project at my company to help them track how much time each user spends on the time tracking app within

After presenting it to my managers, it was very helpful for us to bring this side project as a real project within your company and to know that this project is responsible for provide some valuable information about the current price of each project created on by multiplying the hourly rate by the hours spent on that project.

In this project I use NestJS and TypeScript to develop the API and deploy it to AWS Lambda behind an AWS API Gateway HTTP, using AWS RDS as a database service. For the dashboard, I develop using Angular, and inside the dashboard we can manage and see all result data from

After some time, the API started crashing due to the amount of data they are processing and we had to manually trigger the data update. Then we added an AWS EventBridge Scheduler to trigger AWS Lambda directly using Serverless Adapter, developed by me, which can manage both AWS API Gateway HTTP and AWS EventBridge Scheduler in the same codebase and the same lambda instance.