Facens Covid

Published At: 1-Jul-2020
Modified At: 18-Nov-2022
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Author: Vinícius Lourenço


Facens Covid was a site developed during the pandemic to help Facens University control access to the campus.

In the application, you can answer some check-up questions to see if you are qualified to enter the campus, also, you can attend which rooms you are entering by reading the QR Code, with this data we can analyze and identify how many people are infected and, if necessary, alert everyone who stayed in the same room as the infected person.

Also, after the development of this app, I wrote a blog post about some css tips that I used in the app to reduce the amount of CSS and get the same visual result, you can find it here (pt-BR).

In this project I was responsible for developing the mobile app in Angular 2 and Ionic 4, and then we deploy this website as PWA to let user use as a mobile app. All the code was written in TypeScript, using SCSS as the style language organizing in the methodology BEM.

I also helped to develop the API to serve and maintain the data for this application, the API was developed in NestJS and TypeScript. After development, we use AWS Lambda and API Gateway V2 to host the API and AWS RDS as the database service.